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My Story

Hello!  My name is LaShonda Howard.  I had a dream years ago that I was going to help students be successful in school.  I started as a classroom teacher in 2000.  I loved the contact with the students and saw the growth, but somehow it still was not enough.  I was limited to the curriculum the school board set in place.  I know that not all students learn the same way, so I felt that I was not making a large enough impact on the students.  

I then transitioned to being a college professor.  I taught at several colleges and enjoyed the experience of being able to create my own lessons.  However, I was still stuck with what the state said had to be taught in order for students to complete the classes.  I still wanated the students to dictate the curriculum and not someone outside the classroom.

In 2016, it hit me.  I opened my home, at first, to students in the community who needed extra help with their school work.  At first it was a couple students in school, and then a couple more who were homeschooled.  Before long, I had a table full of students needing help.  So, I opened up Homework Therapy Tutoring to assist students of all ages with learning and growing the way they do best.  

In 2022, we have grown to include several more programs other then traditional tutoring.  The last couple of years dealing with the COVID--19 Pandemic has lead to adding programs like NOTES and Tutor Tech, that allow students to add several skills to help with the education process.

I look forward to working with all students, young and old, to help them to become successful in their educational goals!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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