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Birth of a Company

I started out in the classroom as a teacher. I loved it! First as a high school teacher and then as a college professor. I always had a soft spot for the students. The way they learned or didn't learn was my priority. Even when it was not suitable during school hours, I would find a way to help them after school. It started out with me helping them before and after school with their work, then it progressed to helping them with test prep and other needs they had. Sometimes their parents and siblings would come with them to get help outside of school. That's when I decided to start the tutoring services. It began as part-time after I got off work. Then about three years ago, my oldest daughter got injured at school and developed a health condition that had to be monitored. I could not work the way I wanted and the tutoring was all I had. Then she couldn't go to school so I had to start homeschooling her. She made up all of the work she was behind on and finished school on her own before the regular school year ended. I had found a new service that I could offer. My daughter says she is the creator of the homeschool service that we offer. Other parents who wanted to homeschool would text me, email me, or call me about what I was doing and if they could bring their students to me to help. I have never been one to say no to helping anyone.

So over the last three years, Homework Therapy has expanded to include other services but the core reason as to why we are here, started over twenty years ago when I was in the classroom and my students needed that extra push to help them be successful. Homework Therapy has grown into a company that helps students with different educational needs get the help they want and need at their pace.

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